Aggregates production and sale
Production and sale of aggregates (various sizes), suitable for work and road surfaces, for residential buildings, sports fields, pedestrian and cycle trails, roadbed and other types of use.

Aggregates delivery
Aggregates delivery to last destination (in Italy and abroad), by using private wheeled vehicles, by cargo ships and by train. The shipment is arranged as a bulk and unpacked material or in package of 25 kg, 1000 kg, 1500 kg.

Supply of crushed mix stone
Processing of aggregates
Production, delivery and pumping of concrete (even by mobile plant directly at the place of use)
Production, delivery and laying of Hot Mix Asphalt (even by mobile plant)
Technical support for the use of products.
Civil construction and public works.



Venumer Srl processes mix designs, produces and supplies the following types of concrete:


Ordinary concrete

with guaranteed performance for structural and non-structural applications (UNI EN 206-1 and UNI EN 11104);

High Resistance Concrete

with a guaranteed performance for structural applications (UNI EN 206-1 and Guidelines C.L.S.PP.);

Self-compacting concrete

Self-compacting (SCC) with a guaranteed performance for structural applications;

Special concrete

Added with expanded clay, Polystyrene additives, fiber-reinforced, draining, conductive, colored, as type GEOMIX.



Venumer Srl produces, delivers and installs the following Hot-Mix asphalt:


Traditional Bituminous conglomerates (EN 13108-1)

Usura AC8 Surf 50/70
Binder AC 16 Bin 50/70
Base AC 20 Base 50/70

Antiskid bituminous conglomerates (EN 13108-5)

SMA 10 Surf Hard
SMA 15 Surf Hard


Porous bituminous conglomerates (EN 13108-7)

Dren 14 usura BM 50/70


Special Bituminous conglomerates

Colored conglomerates

Cold mix conglomerates

Conglomerates mixed on customer's request