The history of Venuto's Group starts in 1960 when, the ingenious spirit of the two brothers Antonino and Giacomo, considering the birth of the first factories in the territory around Milazzo, begins the long climb toward what, today, can be considered one of the leading companies in its field. The first years activity is focused on aggregates supply, obtained by sieving the material from the river Mela. So they, thanks to the high demand of aggregates, buy the first quarry and consequently realize the first crushing plant. The desire to grow, the quality production and efficiency, allow the Group to start, in the early 70s, another branch of the company with the installation of the first concrete plant.

1976 is the turning point when, with the production of Hot Mix Asphalt, the company name changes from F.lli Venuto to Venumer Srl, with the consequent beginning of the third business unit.

From this moment on, Venumer Srl meets all private and public requirements . Has achieved great works such as: the construction of Autostrada A20 Messina-Palermo, Enel power station in San Filippo del Mela, Milazzo rafinery, doubling rails of Messina- Palermo, the electricity transformer station Terna in Villafranca (Messina), works in support of the power line Terna (Messina), the passage of the optical fiber in all 108 municipalities of the province of Messina, works in support of methane with Italgas (Messina).

Today the Group is managed by Antonino and Giacomo's sons - already active in the Group since 1993- which , thanks to the business talent acquired by their parents and the hard job , continue to pursue Venumer Srl with accuracy and competence. In 2003 , furthermore , by virtue of the improvement of productive enterprise and the positive trend of the market, was born Bitumer Srl - a company totally belonging to the Venumer Group - with an additional plant located in Spadafora, in order to serve a larger area of territory.





Venumer Group is made up of more than 50 employees, many with 20 years of experience and with high competences. The Group owns three quarries, a last generation technology crusher system, four automated concrete plants (one of which mobile), an automated system of Hot Mix Asphalt, a laboratory for analysis and testing, a fleet of about 90 vehicles (trucks, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, wheel loaders, excavators, drills, road cutters, pavers and rollers).

The attention of Venumer Srl has always been focused on maintaining the highest level of quality, for this reason has adopted a management system ISO 9001 since 2000 and obtained the CE mark on the aggregates and asphalt. All concrete plants are certified under the control system of the production process since 2006 (two years before the entry into force of the legislative decree established by DM 14/01/2008). The standard quality of all production processes is guaranteed by continuous checks on the final product made at the laboratory of Venumer Srl. The management of Venumer Srl, in order to ensure its customer satisfaction, provides with its entire staff, its equipment and economic resource, to pursue the goals of continuous improvement also on the safety and health of workers as a crucial role on its business. For this reason they have got BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification in 2013.

The Group has made the first production in Italy of conductive concrete, used as a cover of high voltage cables for heat dissipation and to avoid overheating. This type of material is part of the core business. Thanks to the high technological level of its facilities, Venumer Group can also produce aggregates and conglomerates on the needs of their customers, both in terms of features and particle sizes .